INTERVIEW: Bob Cut Magazine

“Jewelry and metalsmithing is the other language I use to tell my story, ask questions, and discover things about the world. I spent most of my childhood hanging out in the garage with my dad watching him fix up old Chevys and browsing through my grandmother’s dresser filled with the costume jewelry she collected as the buyer for the jewelry counter at our family-owned pharmacy… (click to read more)




The Adorned Spaces event was designed to highlight established and emerging artists, but this new multi-exhibitor format served as a reminder that the lens through which work is viewed can be just as significant as the work itself...(click here to read on at Art Jewelry Forum).


CAPTURE AND DISARM: Reflections on the Northwest Jewelry and Metals Symposium

Suzanne Ramljak put it best: “I’ve taken on the whole of human civilization. It is daunting.” Beginning with the concepts of love, seduction, and courtship and moving on to defense, she highlighted jewelry’s function as equipment for the innate human pursuits of love and war...
(click here to read more at Art Jewelry Forum).

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“What do you do when you are an emerging artist in a time of great economic change and digitization and the identity of your field remains in flux?...(read on here at Art Jewelry Forum)